Brewing Beer at hopdogs

So, if you find yourself in the area, feel free to call in to the cellar door for a tasting and a bit of beery banter.

HopDog knows that sometimes things just need to be a little less formal. You know, for a boys weekend away, local gaming group or friends that haven’t caught up in a while. To make it easy for you, we have come up with some beery packages that give you a chance to enjoy awesome local ales at our relaxed taproom and cellar door. 
You are always welcome to bring along your own snacks too. 
If you would like to book a table please give us a call on 0458 200 154 to make a reservation. 
View our packages HERE

When you visit the HopDog taproom and cellar door, be ready for a sensory assaulting experience. We brew just about every day, so chances are you’ll catching us mashing or boiling or cleaning kegs or bottling.

Beer – real beer – is made from just 4 simple ingredients: Water, malt, hops and yeast, but at HopDog we try not to limit our pallet to the primary colours. Our malts are a mix of Australian, New Zealand, German and English varieties, whilst our hops come from Australia, New Zealand and America. Oak barrels, gingerbreads, coffee, pumpkins and seasonal fruits all have a place in the HopDog larder too. We have further expanded our brewing to include wild fermented ales; spontaneously fermented and aged in Barrels inoculated with Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus bacteria.

HopDog ales are slow beers, meaning that it can take as long as 4 weeks to get from grain to glass in most cases, with beers like our anniversary barleywine or wild ales taking even longer. With the hectic and fast paced world we live in whizzing by at a rate of knots, at HopDog, we like to take things a bit cruisier, step back and allow our beers to take their time to mature. But, as we all know – fresh is best. Unless its recommended, don’t age HopDog ales! Hops are delicate, and their aromas and flavours can erode very quickly. Drink within five months of packaging to experience our beers at the best they can be.

To learn more about us and the craft brewing experience in general, why not book in to one of our Hopsology beer education afternoons? Contact us via email for more information – bookings are essential! Follow us on Facebook for updates.

We don’t brew lager. We’re ale supremacists, and happily travel the land speaking it’s greatness and wonderment.